If you are interested in getting started in BMX racing there is no better place than your local BMX track!

There are 2 major sanctioning bodies that sanction BMX racing on a local and national level. The 2 organizations are the American Bicycle Association (ABA) and the National Bicycle League (NBL). Our BMX Track Directory lists ABA and NBL BMX tracks located in the United States.

For information on getting started in BMX or for local race schedules use our BMX Track Directory to locate the BMX track near you and contact them for more info. Good luck at the races!

Please Send BMX Track Updates to BMXtra@aol.com.

BMX Racing in Nevada

NEVADA BMX and Bicycle Motocross Race Tracks

Carson City NV02 Carson City BMX

Contact: Phone: 775-721-5969 use on race days Mary Leaming 775-246-3660
Website: www.the-new-age.com/ccbmx

Las Vegas NV01 Ed Fountain Park BMX Raceway

Contact: Phone: 702-646-4215 Bobbette Tanaka 702-340-2868
Website: www.efpbmx.com

Sun Valley/Reno NV02 Bighorn BMX

Contact: Phone: 775-762-4846 Al & Linda Scott 775-674-6918 Steve Bevier 775-378-4798
Website: www.bighornbmx.com

NEVADA BMX and Bicycle Motocross Race Tracks

 State Commissioner John Diaz (702) 269-9070
Boulder City Boulder City BMX , Inc.

Contact: McClain Rusty Home Phone: Hotline Track Phone: (702) 334-9718 Other Phone: (702) 293-5699
Website: www.bouldercitybmx.com

Boulder City Double Down

Contact: McClain Rusty Home Phone: 702-334-9718
Website: www.bouldercitybmx.com

Ely White Pine BMX

Contact: Raner Lee Home Phone: (775) 289-6812 Track Phone: (775) 296-0093
Website: www.nevadabmx.com

Las Vegas Nellis BMX

Contact: Price Peter Home Phone: (702) 452-1771 Track Phone: (702) 632-4439
Website: www.nellisbmx.com

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