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Morphine Industries Leaves It’s Mark in Burlington.

August 1, 2011

Morphine Industries headed up I-95 north to NC than a quick zig zag to Burlington, NC for the ABA Tarheel Nationals this past weekend. HOT was not the word for the temp than was going to hang around for the weekend. You know you’re in trouble when the thermometer on the car reads 107 on Saturday.

BMX Racer Jason LaRev

A Pro - Jason LaRev started the crew off Saturday with a quick moto win and then continued on to the main event. Getting balled up in the first turn and then blast in turn four made for a tough end to day one with Jrev taking the eight spot.

Sunday, JRev was consistent to make quick biz of the motos and line up for the main event. Jrev proved to be rolling with a solid fourth when passing the white line.

Vet Pro - Tim Dinger showed up to Burlington to show off his new fiancée and his rehabbed knee. He shredded the practice session but decided to hold off to hit the gate for racing a wee bit longer. It was good to see him back and we look forward to Dinger spicing up the pits and the track.

BMX Racer Charlie Hunt

28-35X – Charlie Hunt was on point all weekend rolling through his Crusier class winning by at less half a straight all weekend.

20” brought Charlie some competition. He rolled through motos but battled in main. Charlie took a 2nd on Saturday getting passed in the rhythm by Lance and repeated the same on Sunday. Look forward to the Charlie/Lance battle heating up at the next few race. I thought I heard someone swear off Burger King and but said no way on giving up his Dr. P.

BMX Racer Damian Cherepko

17 -18x - Damian Cherepko working his way back after a bad wreck in Hampton is definitely getting back on point. On Saturday, Damian rolled through motos and took is normal place at main. Getting a little late pop on the gate proved to be a factor as he got the tapped in first turn to loose his momentum to drop and stay in third place at the finish.

Sunday was a different story as Damian rolled once again through his motos. At the gate drop on the main, Damian was rolling in second place and set up the greatest high low in the last turn to leave everyone in the dust and take the top spot at the line.

BMX Racer Noah Reeves

14X – Noah Reeves after taking some time off, started his assault Tulsa this weekend. Saturday Noah pulled the stacked moto to get this spin going. Transferring out to the main with Ryan Zinzow, they line up opposite in lane 1 and Noah in Lane 8. Noah hopped on Ryan’s backwheel but could not find a place to pass taking a second at the line.

Sunday was a repeat in motos and a repeat in lane assignment. Noah pooped the gate got tangled down the first straight. He took his time and picked off two riders and back to Zinzow’s wheel but once again took a second at the line.

The crew is headed to Waterford, MI for the NBL national and to Minnesota for the ABA national.

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