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2011 President’s Cup to be Paired with the ABA Grands in Tulsa Oklahoma

August 17, 2011 USA BMX

One of the most prestigious and exiting events in all of BMX is the annual State vs. State NBL President’s Cup, and one of the most frequently asked questions is, “When and where will the President’s Cup be?”. As the face of BMX racing in North America evolves and the NBL and ABA National Series are molded into one mega series under USA BMX, great events like the Presidents Cup are taking on a whole new meaning. We are pleased to announce that the 2011 USA BMX President’s Cup will be hosted on Friday, November 25, 2011 in conjunction with the 2011 ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When deciding the location for this amazing event major considerations were taken into account. Paramount among them were pairing the State vs. State ABA event with the NBL State vs. State event and finding a central location to ensure participation from the entire USA BMX membership which is now evenly geographically distributed across the U.S. The ABA Grand Nationals (and future USA BMX Grands) are hosted annually, Thanksgiving weekend and features one of the most dynamic arenas at a quarter of a mile long and a BMX track that is constructed with more dirt than any other track in the World. The ABA Grands are very similar to the NBL Grands as the race takes place on both a Saturday and Sunday, preceded by a special race hosted on Friday. This ABA Friday race—The Race of Champions—is for riders who have qualified to participate by finishing in the top 10 in the ABA State Series based on age and class (i.e. top ten 10 year old expert). Last year’s Race of Champions featured participants from 45 states and the merging of the two events under USA BMX will realize participation from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and at least 2 Canadian provinces. NBL riders will qualify as they have in the past by finishing in the top 15 in their NBL State Series based on age and class.

The great tradition of the President’s Cup will continue and feature a Parade of States, with all riders from each state completing a track walk adorning their State’s flag and name, State vs. State team competition where riders from each state will challenge each other on a State Team Sheet. The bleachers will be divided by state as the state teams group together to cheer on the fellow statesmen and strategize on how to win the Cup. Additionally a very special cup will be awarded to the wining state with an additional banner acknowledging the winner of every President’s Cup since the beginning of the event in 1985. The award of the day will be fabulous cups. In addition, the champions in every class will be awarded no. 1 plates and vehicle stickers.

Anyone who attends this year’s President’s Cup/Race of Champions is sure to be impressed. Tulsa is an outstanding host city that is ideally and centrally located to the USA BMX track base and offers amazingly low hotel rates (some as low as $69 per night). The Tulsa Expo Square is the perfect indoor BMX venue, all under one expansive roof, featuring a track is legendary year after year. Additionally, the vendor and team areas will be the largest you have ever experienced.

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