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Two National Titles for Meybo/Bensink BMX Gates

July 4, 2011 BMX Title Winners

Merel Smulders in Holland and Karo Vertessen in Belgium have won in their country the national title in their age group, girls 13-14. Vertessen surprised because she was ill that day, but nevertheless she could take the victory. The national championships were held in Baarn (Holland) and Massenhoven (Belgium).

Elite Toon Jacobs (B) had a good day, but struggled against a very strong Arnaud Dubois. Toon got a 2-1-2 in the moto’s and also in the semi he stayed just behind Dubois. In the final he chose the outside lane on the gate to come to the inside, but he twice his shoe came out of his click pedal so he ended 6th in the main final. “Yes I am disappointed”, he said. “I was one of the favourites en felt me good hole day. I could follow Arnaud well and would beat him in the final. I didn’t come further than the 6th place.”

Junior woman Laura Smulders (NL) ended 5th. She was training the week before with the national team on the worldchampionship track in Copenhagen and had still tired legs.

In the 15-16 category Niels Bensink (NL) won his moto’s and his semi. In the final he crashed when he wanted to pass the leader in penultimate bend. So he passed 8th the finish. Also Mike Klerkx (NL) made a good competition. After a 2-3-2 in the moto’s and a second place in the semi he was enclosed a bit at the start in the final. That made him a 7th place.

Joran De Proost (B) rode a nice competition, which ended in a 4th place. Also his brother Nick De Proost (B) ended just off the medals (4th place) in the cruiser category.

Also in Letland there were national championships. Arturs Matisons got second after Edzus Treimanis, Rihards Veide 3rd and Kristers Taims 7th.

The good results in the national championships give teammanager Berty Klerkx confidance for the EC Final Rounds next weekend in Haaksbergen. “We are a team based in Holland, so this races are important for us. Laura is only five points behind Elis Ligtlee in the junior woman category and she will do anything to win the European title. Moreover I expect a lot of Rihards Veide. He gave me a good feeling at the European Rounds in England. And also Arturs Matissons must ride a good competition, similarly Toon Jacobs when he has a good day. Most of the challenge riders are in a good shape to bring a good spectacle”.

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